Ammo Registration Checklist

Ammo Registration Checklist

Posted by Miwall Team on May 18th 2021


California Residents & Ammo Purchases

Remember trying to find ammo this time last year? Well, thankfully supply has caught up with demand, and there is actually ammo available for purchase.

Unfortunately for California residents, there are some government obstacles in place for lawful gun owners who want to purchase ammo. California residents are required to make ammo purchases through a licensed dealer, like MiWall.

In order to make sure our customers don’t leave the warehouse empty-handed and disappointed, we want to make sure everyone knows what they need to have in order to make the purchase process go smooth and fast.

What is a “Real ID”?

When you arrive at MiWall and want to make a purchase, the first thing you will need to do is determine your eligibility. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation time in order to complete the check.

You will need to pass the Standard check or have a valid COE to make a purchase.

California residents must be registered with the Automated Firearms System in order to pass the “Standard” check. If you have the proper ID, this check should only take 2 minutes to complete, and then the individual is allowed to shop and make a purchase. This check is required for each time the individual makes a purchase.

To pass this check requires the person to have a valid Certificate of Eligibility or have the info on a “Real ID” matches your current address to a gun registered in your name. This type of ID is obtained by going to the DMV along with proof of identity (examples of acceptable documents include a U.S. passport, a certified copy of a birth certificate, permanent resident card or unexpired foreign passport with valid U.S. visa and approved I-94 form).

If your ID has a note that “Federal Limits Apply”, or “Not Acceptable for Official Federal Purposes”, this ID is not acceptable as proof of identity for a purchase and will be denied. In addition to this ID, you would need to present one (1) of the following documents: valid US Passport, certified copy of birth certificate or a valid residency card.  If the name on your birth certificate does not currently match your US Passport you will also need to provide a copy of your name change i.e. marriage certificate.    

How do I know if I am Approved?

If you are a California resident, have a Real ID and have purchased a firearm in the last 3 years, or registered a gun in the new California DROS system in the last six years, you will most likely be approved. If your name and address on your ID match the information in the AFS system you will be allowed to purchase any type or caliber of ammo. There is a $1 fee added to the total for this check. It is up to the purchaser to log into the Automated Firearms Systems personal information page to verify their info matches before arriving.

We hope this information helps you understand the process a little more clearly and look forward to seeing you at the warehouse for your next purchase.

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