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California Shipping Rules

May 14th 2020


Whether you agree with it or not, it looks like the stay-in-place order is going to be in place for a little while longer in California. The one thing we can all agree on is we all want to be done with quarantine.

One thing we don’t agree with is the 9th Court of Appeals decision to reinstate the ammunition background check program. But, that is here to stay at the moment, as well. This lackluster approach to gun control unfairly penalizes the law-abiding gun owner and fails to effectively filter out the bad actors it is trying to stop. In addition, Prop 63 effectively bans us from shipping ammo to California residents, requiring them to go in person to make purchases.

However, this isn’t a total ban. The law still allows us to ship ammo in CA, if the purchaser meets the following qualification:

1)The recipient has a valid ammo vendor license

Local gun stores can order through us with to receive tax free shipments with these documents:

1)A valid Ammo Vendors Lísense

2)Current Resale Lísense

If you meet these criteria and would like to make an online order to be shipped to an address within the state of CA, send us the relevant documentation at:

Meeting our customers’ needs is our highest priority. For now, just like we are waiting out the virus, we are waiting for the state of California to come to its senses and work on a fair and efficient way to make sure law-abiding gun owners are not treated like criminals.