Flawed CA Ammo Law Reinstated - CA Prop 63

Flawed CA Ammo Law Reinstated - CA Prop 63

Apr 27th 2020


Despite being roundly criticized as making it “..extremely difficult, if not impossible, for its law-abiding citizens to purchase protected ammunition.”, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a motion to stay the injunction issued by District Judge Roger Benitez only a day before. The stay was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, effective immediately.

The immediate effect of the law is to make it illegal for out-of-state ammo suppliers to sell in the state of California, as well as direct ship ammo to customers within California. It will also guarantee continued headaches and delays in ammo purchases for law-abiding gun owners. However, our warehouse in Grass Valley will still be able to make appointments for local residents to visit and make purchases. As a favor to our customers, we will waive the DROS fee on each purchase.

Lawful California gun owners have been unfairly restricted from making ammo purchases because of the flawed nature of the database, which was conceived as a way to prevent criminals from freely making purchases. In spite of the intentions, the Sacramento Bee reported one in five legitimate buyers were denied purchases. CLICK HERE to read article. The Attorney General’s office has not commented on how they intend to address the shortcomings or the clear violations of the state citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights.

We will keep you posted on developments as they occur. In the meantime, if you are affected, write your congressman and let them know you want the law changed!

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