Hornady 5.56 NATO 75 Grain SBR TAP Training LE - 500 Rounds - Brass Case

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Hornady Ammunition 5.56 NATO 75 Grain SBR TAP Training - 500 Rounds - CASE


Training™ ammunition compliments the current TAP® duty rounds by delivering comparable, yet economical ammunition for law enforcement training. Utilizing efficient production processes and quality Brass or steel cases, Hornady® Training™ ammunition delivers reliable functioning, accuracy, and point of aim / point of impact consistency when compared to comparable duty rounds.


Product Specifications

  • Cartridge - 5.56 NATO
  • Grain Weight - 75 Grains
  • Muzzle Velocity - 3210 Feet per Second
  • Muzzle Energy - 888 Foot Pounds
  • Bullet Style - Full Metal Jacket
  • Case Type - Brass
  • Reloadable - Yes
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