Hornady TAP LE Training Ammunition - 5.56 NATO - 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail - 500 Rounds - Brass Case

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Hornady Ammunition 5.56x45 MM - 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail TAP Training - 500 Rounds - CASE


Hornady® Training™ ammunition provides a cost effective alternative to the standard TAP® and Critical DUTY® loads for tactical training. Loaded with Hornady® bullets and proven propellants, coupled with high quality cases and primers, Hornady® Training™ ammunition is designed to deliver point of aim/point of impact comparable to our TAP® and Critical DUTY® offerings. Hornady® Training™ Ammunition - an economical, high quality solution for Law Enforcement training.


Product Specifications

  • Cartridge - 5.56x45 MM
  • Grain Weight - 55 Grains
  • Muzzle Velocity - 3240 Feet per Second
  • Muzzle Energy - 1282 Foot Pounds
  • Bullet Style - Full Metal Jacket
  • Case Type - Brass
  • Reloadable - Yes
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  • 5
    Hornady TAP LE Training Ammunition 5.56 NATO 55 gr.

    Posted by Christopher Muhs on Jan 17th 2023

    Extremely satisfied with this training round. I have fired over a thousand rounds in my Sig SBR and my Colt LE 5.56. No misfires or malfunctions...Its worth it and I will definitely buy again...and very fast discreet shipping.

  • 5
    5.56 Training

    Posted by Daniel Boyd on May 3rd 2021

    My friend, BLJ a retired police officer from AZ gave me his strong recommendation on this ammunition. He said you always want to function test your self defense ammo in the platform you are going to protect yourself with but premium Hornady ammo comes with a premium price. Now comes the Hornady TAP LE training ammo offered by MiWall. Great ammo at a great price another win win for todays shooter. Thanks again BLJ for this timely recommendation.

  • 5
    Performance just like "self protection" ammo

    Posted by Daniel Boyd on Apr 30th 2021

    My good friend BLJ, a retired police officer again steered me in the right direction on this one. With Hornady "self protection" (he calls it duty) ammo being more expensive to "practice like you play" this training ammo fills that void. It's just like shooting the real thing but a lot less in price. Again thanks to Hornady and MiWall teaming up in providing this excellent alternative.

  • 5
    Good Ammo

    Posted by Otis on Apr 29th 2021

    Good ammo accurate glad to see they had it

  • 5

    Posted by Officer Reed on Apr 12th 2021

    Great ammo for target shooting. Ships fast. The best!

  • 5
    Quality bulk ammo

    Posted by James Snell on Sep 25th 2020

    I haven't shot any of this yet, but I opened all the boxes and randomly inspected a bunch of rounds. The case and primer quality looks good and I did not see any with defects. This sure seems to a high quality product as you would expect from Hornady.

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