Hornady 12 Gauge TAP Foster Slug - 1 Oz Light Magnum LE - 100 Rounds - CASE

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Hornady Ammunition 12 Gauge TAP Foster Slug 1 Oz Light Magnum - 100 Rounds - CASE


Hornady TAP® Light Magnum® Rifled Slug (red hull) is loaded to a velocity of 1600 fps (30" test barrel). Reliably functions in smooth bore semi-automatic police shotguns while maintaining SAAMI pressure specifications.

NOTE: Hornady has color coded hulls for both loads. The Reduced Recoil load has a blue hull (Blue for Cool) and the Light Magnum® has a red hull (Red for Hot).

This line of ammunition is intended for Law Enforcement sales ONLY.


Product Specifications

  • Cartridge - 12 Gauge
  • Shell Length - 2-3/4"
  • Shot Size - 1 Oz
  • Muzzle Velocity - 1452 Feet per Second
  • Muzzle Energy - 1600 Foot Pounds
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