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IMR 7828 SSC Smokeless Powder - 1 Lb.


Adult Signature Required:

For ALL Hazmat Deliveries the recipient must be 21 years of age & present a valid government issued I.D. upon delivery.

IMR 7828 SSC is a magnum rifle powder with exactly the same burn rate as standard IMR 7828 and uses the same data. However, due to the super short kernels, metering is virtually as good as a spherical powder. This allows up to 4% more powder space in the case and in many loads yields more velocity than standard 7828. Such loads are marked with an asterisk in the data to show where standard 7828 will not fit.

IMR recommends always consulting for the most accurate, up-to-date data.

Hazmat Shipment Warning to ALL Customers

General Information:

  • This item has restrictions that may prevent its sale by age or location. Please, check with your Federal, State, and Local laws and Regulations for purchasing, obtaining, shipping, and or possession of Powders or Primers known as Small Arms Powder(s), Smokeless Powder(s) for Small Arms, Primer(s), and or Primer(s) Cap Type. These laws and or regulations and or restrictions that are the CUSTOMERS SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Age to buy a product on Miwall Corp website you are Required to be at least 21 years of age


Shipping Rates:

  • Any and all purchase orders will incur a Standard Ground Shipping Fee.
  • Please see Applicable Hazmat Fees for additional information if you are purchasing a Hazmat related item.


Hazmat Fees:

  • Applicable Hazmat Fees: Any and all orders containing Hazmat items will incur a Hazmat Fee. Some Hazmat items may incur more than one hazmat fee.We are doing our best to maintain the lowest possible HAZMAT Fee for the sake of our customers.
  • Due to regulations certain items that are HAZMAT CANNOT BE SHIPPED TOGETHER. 
  • Due to the DOT 49 CFR Regulations we ONLY ship ground transportation to the contiguous 48 States. 172.320 49 CFR Regulations.
  • Due to the DOT 49 CFR Regulations Hazardous Materials such as Primers and Powder are not eligible for returns due to regulations and are not eligible by our policy for credit with Miwall Corp. Undeliverable, refused, or unclaimed Hazmat shipments will not be eligible for returns or refunds.  Therefore, we will NOT refund for any Hazmat items purchased, we will NOT refund Hazmat Fees, and we will NOT refund Standard Shipping Fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We RECOMMEND that every person follows the Warnings and Directions per each Manufacturer. Each manufacture warning and directions can be found at their website. At Miwall we don’t accept any responsibility for Not Following the Warnings and or the Directions to prevent yourself and others from Hazardous Conditions and or Fatalities.


Warning Guidelines About Smokeless Powder:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.
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    Posted by Arnie Clark on Aug 24th 2023

    I recently purchased the IMR 7828 SSC Smokeless Powder - 1 Lb from Miwall Corp, and I'm extremely satisfied with my experience. Firstly, I was impressed with the accurate inventory; the product was available and ready for purchase, which can sometimes be a challenge with specialty items like smokeless powder.

    The highlight of my experience was the fast shipping provided by Miwall Corp. I received my order promptly, which allowed me to continue with my reloading project without unnecessary delays. This level of efficiency is commendable and speaks volumes about the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

    As for the IMR 7828 SSC Smokeless Powder itself, it met and exceeded my expectations. Its consistent burn rate and performance have resulted in excellent reloads for my ammunition. This powder is a reliable choice for those who prioritize accuracy and consistency in their shooting endeavors.

    In conclusion, my experience with Miwall Corp and the IMR 7828 SSC Smokeless Powder has been nothing short of exceptional. Accurate inventory and swift shipping combined with the quality of the product make this a winning combination for any reloading enthusiast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both the retailer and the product to fellow shooters and reloaders.

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